IPH started when Immanuel Herman Prawiromaruto, a property director wanted to establish a new real estate area. He then asked his sister, Suzanna Rosa Prawiromaruto, to open a playhouse to add value to the new complex. Suzanna always wanted to be an educator when she was young. Furthermore, she was unsatisfied with the rigid education that her daughter was receiving. Suzanna then started to strategize with the latest education model and English as the method of teaching. She then got a confirmation from God that the place she was about to open will not just be a playhouse, but a school of character building that will raise the future leaders of Indonesia. 


  • 1995

    By God’s grace, IPH was built in Nginden, Surabaya in a small house with 24 students. The preschool used the latest model that focused on English, character building, and creativity. Qualified local and foreign teachers who believed in the mission joined IPH to love and equip students.

  • 2000

    IPH slowly grew from a preschool to elementary and finally secondary school. Herman then started to be more involved to focus on God’s given mission and joined IPH as the board of directors in the year 2000. Parents from all over Surabaya would sacrifice to travel to quality Christian education.

  • 2001

    IPH West, a second branch of the school, was opened.

  • 2002

    IPH East also grew and the building at Kedung Baruk was opened. 

  • 2017

    IPH continued to focus on quality education by selecting the best faculty members and using Cambridge curriculum. Also not forgetting character building through various Bible teachings, retreats, and fellowships. IPH has also became one of the schools with SPK status (Satuan Pendidik Kerjasama), which is equivalent to an international school.

  • Today

    IPH alumni are accepted in reputable universities all over the world, making an impact, and being leaders in their communities.