Chairman of The Board Welcome

Welcome to IPH Schools


If you are on IPH Schools' website, we sincerely congratulate you, as you are one step closer to making a big decision for your child's future. We understand that choosing the most appropriate school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make. In choosing IPH Schools, we assure you that you will have made a great decision and let me share some reasons why. 

At IPH Schools, we are committed to educate the whole personmind, body, soul and spirit. This encompasses helping our children discover and develop their skills in knowing and knowledge.

 Knowing, based on John 17:3, comes from the Hebrew word yada, which means to know the Lord intimately. Because we consider this to be one of the key values of our school, this concept of knowing is interwoven within the fabrics of IPH's curriculum. This practice refers to developing intimate relationships with others, starting with parents, teachers, friends and, ultimately, with the almighty God through Jesus Christ. 

On the other hand, knowledge means training students to become inquisitive, creative thinkers with good communication skills that can work together in a team setting. Having said that, we still maintain strong foundations in reading, writing and mathematics, as these skills are still as important as ever.

Finally, in addition to our robust academic program, we integrate fun with various activities, such as retreats, leadership camps, field trips and many other social activities.

Herman Prawiromaruto