Vision and Mission


To become a school that produces generations with Christ-like character and leadership qualities that are impactful in transforming the nation.



Equipping future generation students through a holistic education process and based on the values and views of the Bible so that they grow

1. Training the future generations as disciples of Christ to take their God-given leadership roles. (CHARACTER)
2. Teaching all subjects from Biblical foundation. (CURRICULUM)
3. Partnering with parents in sharing responsibility for the education of the children. (NETWORK)
4. Imparting God’s heart for the world. (nations, poor and needy, spheres of society) (MISSION VIEW)




Pursuing truth

Continuous learning/ learning as a lifestyle, Up to date (knowledge), Passionate / strong believe, Creativity) 2 Tim 3:7; 2 Thes 3: 10



Valuing individual

Valuing individual as well as corporate (because we are created in the image of God, even Christ died for an individual), Positive attitude (believe our student) Gen 1: 26



Prioritizing spiritual life

Spiritual issues (as our priority), Sensitivity to the Spirit, Servant’s heart (humility) Rom 8:6