Secondary Overview


LOWER Secondary School

The Lower Secondary Program provides a natural progression for children from primary education.
Cambridge International Education sets curriculum frameworks and assessment objectives. Students are
fostered to think outside the box that go beyond the content and throughout their schooling and future
careers. At the end of grade 8, students take the Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint to assess their
abilities. Teachers work with students to develop communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical
thinking while preparing students to take the IGCSE test in grade 10. Students are also trained for the
national exam.

At the same time, students are guided to find their self worth in Jesus. Though rigorous mentoring, Bible
studies, and student service, we are intentional in love each student.

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UPPER Secondary School

Lower senior secondary program prepares students to be leaders wherever they go. Starting from the
beginning of grade 10, students are prepared to take the international As and A Level examination. After
the international exam, students then trained for the national exam. Our curriculum enables the
students to face the challenging world and to be placed in reputed National and International
universities. We work hand in hand with parents to prepare students in the process of choosing a
university, helping them with application process, gaining scholarship, until they get accepted. We
believe that this partnership can help students to strive and thrive in their university and beyond.

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School Time


Monday - Thursday : 07.15 - 14.30 WIB
Friday : 07.15 - 13.30 WIB


Monday - Thursday : 07.05 - 15.00 WIB
Friday : 07.05 - 14.15 WIB